Incofin Africa Limited engaged Geoffrey Gitau  and company for services in early 2016 on annual contract for provision of core accounting, tax advisory and payroll services inclusive of all statutory compliance matters

Overall, the level of service, professionalism and accuracy has been above average. As our business has become more complex in terms with increased staff, scope of business and infrastructure, Geoffrey Gitau & Co. has helped us not only adequately manage that growth but sufficiently plan ahead. Level of attention from senior and all levels of staff have been excellent and appreciated, thus allowing us to sufficiently cater to the scope of detailed monthly accounting needs accurately to more strategic planning decisions like assistance with liquidity planning.  The Company’s team also reliably and effectively interact with key external stakeholders from the public and private sector, including the KRA and our external auditor and tax advisors (whom they also helped us evaluate in choosing on an arms’ length basis.

Our company therefore unequivocally recommend the audit and accounting services of Geoffrey Gitau & Co. for other small businesses that are in growth mode both for specific technical and strategic needs.

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